Dr Kate’s top 5 pet problems – 3: Canine Dementia

This is a really important area and something I am really pleased to be able to highlight. When asked by Cy Clayton, the Editor of The West’s Habitat on the most common pet problems in dogs for in The West’s Habitat on Friday, 7 November 2014‘s edition , canine dementia was in the top three. I like to think of it as ‘Aging with grace’.
If your dog is getting stuck in corners, appears disoriented, has ‘accidents’ in the house, wakes in the middle of the night or is having difficulty recognising family members canine dementia may be the cause. 1 in 3 dogs between 11-12 years and to 3 in 4 dogs 15 years and over suffer dementia. What was passed off as ‘normal’ aging is now being understood as a disease process that can be slowed with early detection and targeted medicinal and behaviour therapies. You can indeed teach an old dog new tricks and keep the brain active with training games and food toys.

What issues are you
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