Is Your Dog Big Bang Ready? Prepping Your Dog for the Fireworks.

Fireworks were created in 7th century China to scare aware evil spirits but they also frighten away many of our furry friends.

The noise, light, smoke and floating debri created by fireworks contribute to panicked behaviour for those of our furry friends who are susceptible.

The number of escapees on Australia day is so high that our rangers, pound and rescue groups are hectic for days following the celebration. With the City of Perth’s Australia Day Skyworks on tonight, we’ve put together a helpful checklist to help reduce the fear and worry of our four-legged friends.

Top Tips to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

  1. Company – everyone can cope better with scary things if they have someone with them….this will need to be a human!
  2. Look for signs of worry such as pacing, trembling, panting, drooling, attention-seeking (vocalizing, pawing, nuzzling, and climbing on people), hiding, and bolting.
  3. If you can’t be home (or even if you are), try and minimise the impact of the flashing colourful lights and the big booms and bangs of fireworks. This can easily be done by closing all your blinds and putting on a radio or the TV to drown out the sharp noises.
  4. Make sure all your pets are wearing an ID tag or a collar that contains your phone number. Tags and collars can be lost, so a microchip is even more useful in helping you find your lost pet.
  5. For many a safe place with human company is all they need. Drug-Free Remedies include pheromones (Adaptil or Feliway).
  6. Some pets respond to pressure wraps, such as Thunder shirts or Anxiety Wraps. The pressure on the body may have a calming effect. Beware, sometimes this sensation is not calming but precipitates more fear.
  7. Mutt Muffs can be used to muffle the sound but must be introduced in a positive way in advance of a firework event.
  8. For pets that have a long history of fear of fireworks you may need to plan well ahead and seek the advice of a veterinary behaviourist for a combination of therapy that includes behaviour modification, classical counter conditioning, and teaching a desirable coping response.
  9. It’s always simpler to prevent a fearful reaction than it is to reverse one. Be proactive and organised and know when fireworks are planned in your area by clicking here:
  10. If you feel like your pup is particularly distressed by fireworks, we can help develop positive strategies for you and your dog with our personalised behaviour consults. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our team by calling (08) 9240 2228 or emailing:

For more information about our Behaviour Consults, please visit our page by clicking here: KALMPETS BEHAVIOUR CONSULTS.

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