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Is running an obstacle course with your dog something you’ve only dreamed about? Or is it a matter of tapping into your dog’s abilities to reach your goals? Kalmpets offers dog agility training for dogs at all levels using the same agility training methods our day care manager has used successfully with her own dog.

We offer lessons dog agility training throughout the week. The goal of the lessons is to improve both yours’ and your dog’s skills at running the agility course. Beginner lessons include some of the following based on your dog’s current skill level and understanding:

Our Approach

Every type of competition begins with mastering the basics. Our approach to dog agility training is yours’ and your dog’s introduction into the world of agility. We help instill the foundation for a bright and confident future that comes from a well-trained dog.

If you and your dog have already started in agility, our day care manager can help you advance. Her passion for the sport and natural abilities make her the ideal trainer to help dogs get to the next level. She had the express honour of representing Australia in the World Agility Open Championships in 2016.

Kalmpets agility training is your opportunity to learn from Sarah’s knowledge and skills. Lessons begin at the age of 12 weeks and include adult dogs that have or have not previously engaged in agility course training. It’s just one more way that Kalmpets brings you more opportunities to enhance your dog’s life and create a calmer, happier canine family member.

The most successful dogs and their handlers combine speed and accuracy to maneuver the obstacle course like champions. Important skills need to be developed at each level from the time the dog begins training until reaching his first championship event. You can count on us for the highest level of training to help ensure your dog makes the most of his talents. We also know how to make your dreams of enjoying the agility course into a reality for you and your dog.

Contact Kalmpets to learn more about course times and to sign up for our next round of lessons. Our realistic approach to training gets real results. Whether you want to train your dog or change a problem behaviour, success starts by understanding your dog. Our unique training program will help him achieve his potential so both of you can enjoy more of your time together. Isn’t that why you wanted a dog in the first place?

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