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What is Kalmpets

Kalmpets, Perth’s first Expert Behaviour Vets supporting owners with dog behaviour problems. With a combined 50 years of expert skills in dog behaviour our behaviour vets provide positive, realistic solutions to dog behaviour problems. We have an empathetic, knowledgeable and supportive approach to providing evidence-based solutions to address behaviour problems in dogs and cats. We accept referrals from veterinarians, trainers and the general public. Our areas of expertise include:

Social problems between dogs/cats
Separation related behaviours
Destructive behaviours
Obsessive, compulsive behaviour
Fearful and avoidant behaviours
Impulse control issues
Canine and Feline Dementia
Noise sensitivity
Complex behaviour cases
House Soiling
Canine Neurodiversity

Kalmpets accepts referrals for all animals although we typically consult for dog behaviour and cat behaviour problems. We offer behavioural solutions for a range of behavioural health problems ensuring your companion has the best quality of life moving forward. Our team strives to provide excellent, collaborative care for you and your pet which includes your primary care vet, our behaviour vet and a collaborating behavioural trainer.

Dog Behaviour Solutions

Dogs are creatures of habit, even when those habits are not the ones you want them to exhibit. If you often wonder what makes your pet behave the way he does, you aren’t alone. Dog behaviour has been a topic of interest to all types of specialists and researchers during the past decades. Advances in understanding how dogs think and why they act the way they do has provided specialists with the tools we need to change the way they act.

Kalmpets offers a variety of dog behaviour solutions for behaviour problems for pets from puppies to senior dogs. Everything we do is based on proven methods. Training your dog is more than just showing it what to do and hoping that he understands what you want.

Our holistic approach to dog training and dog behaviour problems includes using positive reinforcement, addressing nutrition and exercise needs, and creating a fun environment where it can learn new things. It’s a better way to care for your dog.

What We Offer

Our diverse team of specialists provides dogs with the right type of dog care to create a happier, more balanced member of the family. We know how to break through the communication barrier and let your dog know what kind of behaviour you expect from him. Without a solid foundation, it is nearly impossible to teach your dog the skills needed to excel in recreational or competitive events such as running agility courses.

Behaviour Consulting

Even if you haven’t had any luck with previous training methods, there is hope for you and your dog. Our dog experts use reasonable, evidence-based methods that result in real solutions. Our time is spent using best practice positive dog training techniques that get your dog’s focus on learning.

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Expert Opinion

Expert opinion assessments and opinions on animal behaviour for courts or tribunals

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Dog Training

We rely on evidence-based strategies to make communication between human and dog genuinely possible

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Cat Consult

Kalmpets provides support for feline behaviour problems. Using an evidence based and holistic approach we are familiar with the cat behaviour problems you are facing and know how to help

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Don’t have a dog?

We cater to pets of all species. The Kalmpets team is skilled at providing therapy for all types of pets!

Training your dog isn’t just something you do for you; it’s also something that benefits your dog. Give Kalmpets a call to learn more about our evidence-based, holistic approach to dog training. You won’t find any other service like ours!

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6 Ashton Avenue
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