Training Tips & Advice

Teaching a dog to “sit” or “fetch” is usually a fairly easy task for most dog owners. These are easy for the dog to understand and for many breeds, fetching can be in a dog’s nature. If getting your dog beyond these initial commands has proven difficult to impossible, the dog training experts at Kalmpets can help!

There are literally thousands of dog training tips online, many of which are similar. We know the importance of starting with a calm dog who will listen to what you have to say. Some of the best dog training advice we can give you includes:

Identify Anxiety – The signs of anxiety in a dog aren’t always apparent. They range from excessive barking to low energy to over-exuberance. Some dogs that spend a lot of time worrying turn their anxiety outward into aggression. An anxious dog has his mind on other things and he isn’t going to focus on the new command you want him to learn. Deal with the anxiety first before you try to train him. Starting with a relaxed, calm dog is many times more likely to be successful.

Set Your Goals – Some people train their dogs with the hope of correcting bad behaviours. Others want to set the foundation leading into competition. Know where you want to end up before you start to develop the best strategy for your dog.

Use Positive Reinforcement – At Kalmpets, we often use clicker training in our dog training programs. This method is evidence-based and provides a proven method of communication with dogs. You click the device during the desired behaviour and then give the dog a treat. Dogs use cognitive thought to reason that the click signals he is about to get a treat. He also understands what behaviours earn a click and which ones don’t.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Expert Help – The diverse team of dog training and behavioural experts at Kalmpets knows the importance of communicating with your dog. Even the best dog training tips won’t work if you don’t accomplish this one goal. Once the dog-human bond is strengthened and you understand what your dog needs, training becomes much easier.

Contact Kalmpets to learn more about our dog training courses. We have proven solutions and a unique Kalm training process to give your dog the foundations he requires for a happy future. Let us evaluate your dog and provide you with the advice you need to accomplish your training goals.

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