About Us

Kalmpets got its humble beginnings in many years ago as a single-vet, home visiting service. Three years later, it expanded into the first veterinary owned and run animal behaviour centre in Western Australia. Since then, Kalmpets has continued to add more and more strengths to its list of services.

Evidence-Based, Holistic Approach to Animal Training and Care

Evidence-based means that information is based on actual studies or real life experiences, not on theories. Evidence has shown that dogs have the cognitive abilities of a toddler, meaning that they live in the moment. This quality means that they require a special understanding to ensure therapies are realistic and efficient.

Who We Are

Kalmpets is a team of veterinarians, animal behaviour and dog training experts. Our leader is veterinarian, animal behaviourist and zoologist, Dr Kate Lindsey. Our patients and day care students are our family. We love our jobs and what we accomplish with our work.

The Kalmpets community grows every year as we continue to add more clients, students, and patients to our list of members. The dogs we counsel and train include those that have behavioural problems, those with goals to compete at the highest levels, and all levels in-between. We use an holistic approach that surpasses the basics of sitting or walking on a leash. Our training program accomplishes a great deal including better communication between you and your dog.

We believe that the knowledge obtained from our Kalm training course not only alleviates the stress that interferes with many dogs’ ability to learn or focus, it also helps create a safer environment that protects your dog. Everything we do from behaviour consulting to agility training is based on your dog’s lifestyle and your training goals.

We bring evidenced-based science and an holistic approach to everything we do. We combine veterinary practice, training, zoological, and animal behaviour knowledge in all that we do.

Dogs are an important part of our lives and of society in general. The better able humans are at understanding their canine friends, the more joy our interactions with all dogs will be.

Dogs don’t come with a user’s manual that tells you what they need. That’s why you have Kalmpets! We help dog owners bridge the communication gap between humans and canines. Give us a call to learn more about our dog training centre and why we should be your first choice in dog training.

What issues are you
having with your pet?

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