Five steps to giving your puppy the best start: Step 1 Safe Place Training


Why a safe place?

This is one of the most valuable behaviours you can teach your dog. Denning or seeking small, dark spaces is a very natural behaviour for our canine friends who have been born to seek protection in a den.  Not only do they need security if they are frightened, but need sanctuary when left alone or are insecure about a new environment.


  1. If your puppy must stay for any length of time at the groomer or vet, even just an hour, he will most likely be put in a cage.
  2. The ‘safe place’ keeps a dog safe in the car as well as his owner and can be an absolute blessing if you want to go away on holiday and take your furry friend with you!
  3. At home it helps to encourage independence.
  4. It aids in toilet training and learning to hold on.

Think of your puppy’s ‘safe place’ as his or her own portable bedroom.


Getting familiar with the ‘safe place’

If your puppy seems fearful of the ‘safe place’, you may want to get them to practicing going in and out before training a go-into-your-safe place cue.

Training your puppy to enter the ‘safe place’ on cue:

For those dogs who won’t go in without a lure, follow these steps:

Staying in the ‘Safe Place’





Dr Kate Lindsey & Kalmpets head Trainer Tracey Lord

Kalmpets Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist

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