Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an “holistic” approach to dog training?

Holistic training encompasses every area of a dog’s life. It includes good manners, but also a number of skills that help keep your dog safe. Effective dog training starts with a dog that is calm, relaxed, and focused on you. If she only pays attention when it’s of interest to her, it could end up putting her at risk.

For example, let’s say you train your dog to “sit” on command. She always complies when you are at home. But when you put her on a leash and take her for a walk, she’s more interested in the birds in the trees and sniffing the smells that other dogs have left behind. She doesn’t even listen to you or look in your direction no matter what you say.

Now, say she takes off after one of those birds and breaks free from your grasp. She chases the bird onto the busy road and into traffic. What are your options?

If your dog is trained to pay attention the first time you speak to her and follow commands in any situation, you should never have to face a scenario like the one above. She isn’t going to break free from your hold but, if she did, a simple ‘sit’ command could stop her from going into the busy street.

Holistic dog training affects every aspect of the dog’s life. Not only does it make life better for you and your dog; it also makes it safer.


Q: What’s different about your approach to dog training?

First of all, our team has a wealth of experience and training in all areas related to dog behaviour. We also use a custom approach that is right for the dog. We employ only positive techniques and place dogs in an atmosphere that is fun and relaxing. All of the techniques we use are evidence-based. They’ve proven to be the most effective methods of dog training today.

Q: Can any dog be trained?

All dogs are trainable once you get past the issues that cause them stress. Dogs aren’t born with bad behaviours. There is a cause. At Kalmpets, we use behaviour consulting to get to the root cause of the dog’s behaviour and change it. Once they become calm, they are more open to the fun and educational atmosphere we create to help them learn.

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