Heres what you need to know about bee stings in dogs

Spring is in full swing and that means our friends the bees are in peak activity. Heres what you need to know about bee stings in dogs.

Bee stings in dogs can result in 3 types of responses:

1) small, local = small area of redness around the sting;
2) large local = quite red, hot, itchy, quite large around the sting;
3) anaphylaxis =  a severe, potentially fatal, acute whole-body allergic reaction (often within 60 seconds to 15 minutes of exposure). It is a true medical emergency.

Bee stings in dogs usually escalate with subsequent stings and some dogs that are mildly allergic with the first few stings can later become anaphylactic (medical emergency). Once your dog has had an anaphylactic response they can undergo desensitization injections (as with any allergy) which will make them much less likely to have another anaphylactic response, (but never to zero – no one, even dogs who haven’t reacted before can be considered zero risk to have an anaphylactic reaction).

If your dog has a known anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting or a pattern of escalating reaction to bee sting then Veterinary immunologists recommend have an Epi-pen on hand. Your local veterinarian can teach you how to deliver the injection in an emergency. For more practical ideas on keeping your dog safe from bee stings read on.

What to do for bee stings in dogs?

Bee stings in dogs



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