Do I need a Vet Behaviourist or Trainer?

Qualified trainers with relevant qualifications can manage many problem behaviours. Good trainers have knowledge of animal behaviour, but not to the extent that is expected of a Veterinary Behaviourist.

For more complex behaviour problems such as anxiety, aggression, agitation, hyperactivity and repetitive behaviours you need expert help. Frequently there are medical conditions that are contributing to these behaviours that need to be identified and treated. A behaviour veterinarian has the skills to investigate, diagnose and treat behaviour problems.

Kalmpets behaviour vets have achieved board certification in the speciality area of behaviour medicine. These veterinarians work with pet owners and collaborate with other animal professionals to manage and resolve behaviour problems and improve overall well-being.

Behaviour problems can result from learned fearful associations, underlying medical conditions, or neurochemical imbalances. A behaviour is uniquely skilled in the diagnoses of medical conditions that can cause behaviour problems as well as treating conditions that are solely behavioural. With both medical and behavioural knowledge Kalmpets behaviour vets can evaluate behaviour cases to determine if there is an underlying medical condition. They can determine which medication, if any, would be appropriate as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes behaviour modification. Kalmpet’s vets can identify key information in medical and behaviour histories that can help in both understanding the behaviour problem and optimising treatment.

What issues are you
having with your pet?

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