Dr Kate celebrates the importance of pets at 2014 Perth Pet Expo

Dr Kate Ambassado Perth Pet Expo 2014 understanding problem dog and cat behaviourGetting excited about 2014 Perth Pet Expo! It’s a great opportunity to promote how much companion animals can add to our lives. As I told The West in the news article I’m going to present information on the importance of ‘Brain Fitness’ in dogs and cats and give some practical advice on tips of how to better understand their behaviour and how to improve it. The event will be held over two days at the Perth Convention Centre on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 December 2014. Event organisers are Momentum Forum Events who host some of Perth’s most memorable events. The value of pets in people’s lives and the joy they bring is what 2014 Perth Pet Expo is all about. How to understand them better is where I come in to the picture and I can’t wait to share some of what I know!

What issues are you
having with your pet?