Dr Kate introduces her strange pets James and Michael to 96FMs Breakfast Crew during Talking Pets 17 Nov 2014

Strange pets were the order of today, Monday 17 November 2014 on Talking Animals with Dr Kate, much to the surprise of presenters Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi. Enter James and Michael, the burrowing cockroaches – native to tropical Queensland amongst other places in Oz, who created a sensation this morning on the Talking Pets slot on 96FM. Named by my son after his dad, cockroach James (the one that bites a little bit) was Carmen’s particular favourite (NOT!) You can see and listen here

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We also heard from Alan, who has recently adopted an injured Boobook owl thanks to his dad, a road train driver, who noticed an injured owl on the side of the road and rescued him. Named Hoot by the kids and Franklin by Alan, I suggested that along with chicken that Alan has been feeding him, the owl should be fed with live insects which can be purchased from pet food suppliers. The Wildlife Carers would also be able to provide some good tips. What’s important to recognise is that with owls, if their feathers aren’t working properly, their prey can hear them and they can starve to death if they are re-introduced to their habitat too early. Listen by clicking the link.

It was a very eventful show this morning. Can’t wait to hear what the listeners and crew have in store for me next week. Tune in to 96FM on Mondays at 8.40am.

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