Dr Kate on 96FM on how to create a safe haven for your cat while keeping others out

I took an interesting call from the lovely Kim talking about cats and settling into her new cat friendly (I’m thrilled to hear!) accommodation. The trouble is her cats have become a bit skittish and flighty as a result of the extra cats around. Kim also seems to be feeding more than just her cats as uninvited feline visitors are getting in and out of her home willy nilly!

I’m always astonished at how wonderfully adaptable cats are to new things. It seems that the other cats at the complex have just located a new way of getting food chez Kim. A great solution is a microchip cat flap that can be teamed with a collar that will only allow the right cats through the flap. An example can be found here I also suggested that Kim should get some feline pheremone and spray it around the home to discourage other cats and make it her cats’ safe haven. A great product can be found here

As always, it was another great show this morning with the breakfast crew, Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi and I am really grateful for the chance to spread the word about the fascinating world of pet behaviour to 96FM listeners.

Getting excited about Pet Expo too which is just around the corner, too! I’ll be giving presentations on ‘Brain Fitness’, demonstrations and have plenty of other goodies up for grabs. Look forward to fielding some more tricky questions next week, so make sure you log on to 96FM’s website and drop me a line.

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