Dr Kate promotes the mental health benefits of pet ownership at 2014 Perth Pet Expo

The 2014 Perth Pet Expo is such a great platform to promote the mental health benefits of pet ownership. I am really impressed how well the message has been taken on board and attracted such widespread attention in the media in the event lead up. Here are three reasons why pets are good for you!

1. Mood enhancing – Pets are the number one way to boost your mood naturally. Playing or snuggling with your pet can stimulate the release of serotonin, the brain’s mood enhancing hormone. Friendly human-dog interaction has also been shown to boost oxytocin release, the same chemical that cements our mother-baby bond. Other research has shown that when people are asked to perform in stressful environments they do even better when their pets are with them than with a human family member.

2. Catalyst for social interactions – pets can help you make friends. Many studies have demonstrated that walking a dog in public leads to more conversation. It’s because people view pet owners as kind and approachable.

2. Emotional coaches – children can learn to express emotions freely with their pets. Pets are calming influences on children with psychological issues and guide friendly interactions.

Here’s a sneak peak of tomorrow’s article in The West Only another week to go before Pet Expo 2014 hits town – it is going to be amazing fun and a great learning experience for young, old and everyone in between!

What issues are you
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