Dr Kate’s top 5 pet problems – 5: OCD Grooming

The second most common problem in cats that I’ve provided assistance on is OCD grooming, as I explained to Cy Clayton, Editor of The West’s Habitat section on Friday, 7 November 2014. It seems to be the case of ‘one more lick should do it!

It’s normal for adult cats to spend up to 4 hours of every day grooming – for cleaning, temperature regulation, parasite control and self-calming. However, this behaviour can run into overdrive resulting in hair loss and discolouration. Compulsive grooming, plucking and barbering may be a sign of anxiety but a diagnosis can only be reached when other medical causes (e.g. allergy, pain-based disease, hormonal disease) are ruled out by your regular veterinarian.

What issues are you
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