Feeding dogs ….what food is right for your dog?

Many clients I see feed a pure kibble (dry biscuit) based diet …

Can you imagine how you would feel eating the same type of food, over and over, day after day …?

In my opinion feeding solely a biscuit/kibble based diet is a form of sensory deprivation. A dog’s food and the method in which it is dispensed should stimulate the senses and enrich the dog’s life!

What are some of the feeding dogs options?

I recommend that the dog is fed a variety of foods to maintain interest:


Using dog feeding for brain health

Training: Remember the higher the distraction the higher the reward value should be.

When using food rewards for training I do not use treats … instead, I use what constitutes the dogs’ daily diet! To feed a dog out of a food bowl is pretty much like allowing them to be unemployed! I work for my currency, so why shouldn’t my dogs?

How to use your dog’s food for training


*Note – If your dog has any medical problems in relation to food please consult your vet prior to changing your dogs’ diet or introducing new foods.


Happy feeding!


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