Manicure madness!

Introducing the DiggerDog Nail File – a different way of trimming your dog’s front nails

Are you one of the many dog owners struggling to trim their front nails?

For Irena Votavova from Melbourne, such a struggle inspired this unique dog nail file, an effortless and natural way to trim your dog’s more problematic nails on the front paws. Here is her story:

“My beloved Doberman was a female called Zana.

When I took her for the first time to get her nails trimmed at the vet’s, it turned into a nightmare! As soon as she was put on the table and the vet touched her paw, Zana started fighting. Even with three people – the vet, the nurse and I – trying to restrain her, it was almost impossible.

Eventually the vet managed to clip one nail.  At that moment, Zana went wild and started howling so desperately, that I decided to stop the procedure. When I walked out with her, there were traces of blood on the floor…… the vet had cut into the quick.

Soon after this traumatic experience, an idea came to me.

Zana loved her daily bones, but would often bury them for later.

One day I was having my cup of tea in the garden and was watching Zana digging for her hidden treasure – an old bone. Later on, when she came to me, I noticed that her front nails were trimmed shorter. She had given herself a pedicure!

The idea for my little invention was born. With my mum and my partner, we spent many months testing and prototyping the file, to make sure that it is safe, strong and most of all, it works!”

Irena Votavova

I am not a dog trainer, but having tested many dogs of different breeds, ages and sizes, I can confidently say that the vast majority of dogs successfully learn how to use the file.

The file comes with detailed instructions and videos of different dogs learning to use the file.

Nail Trimming made easy

The DiggerDog Nail File is a unique nail-trimming device that makes the trimming of your dog’s more problematic front nails easy and fun for both dog and you – the owner.

The major difference from other dog nail-trimming devices is that your dog does its own nail trimming, instead of being subjected to the often-stressful procedure.

How does the DiggerDog Nail File work?

The owner places a treat inside the food compartment. The dog quickly gets the idea and digs on the surface to get at the treat. It will soon understand the ‘game’ and will be eager to participate.

A repeat of this simple action on the rough surface of the DiggerDog Nail File is all it takes to trim the dog’s nails. Nail trimming will now change from a stressful task to a fun game, which  you and your dog will look forward to.

All you need is a little bit of patience and a quiet environment to teach your dog how to use the DiggerDog Nail File.

It is fairly simple:

  1. Use your dog’s favourite treat, put one in the food compartment, leave it open and let the dog eat the treat. Repeat a few times
  2. Put the treat in again but this time close the compartment. The dog should now attempt to touch or scratch the plate to get the treat. You should reward her/him immediately
  3. Depending on your dog, he/she will soon realize that scratching the file will release the treat.
  4. Job done!

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