Puppy training – How to give your puppy the best education

Certainly, for your puppy to thrive they need love and to learn the skills to negotiate the world. For that reason, puppy training is a lifelong process. Furthermore, there is a crucial period in a dog’s life where it is more important to receive quality information, this is the first 3 -12 weeks of life.

Getting Puppy training right 

The first 3-12 weeks of a dog’s life are known as the sensitive period for learning. During this time explosive brain activity means that the puppies brain operates as a sponge mega-factory where it is absorbing information about all the sounds, smells, touch, visual and taste sensations that will make up its world. During this time ensure your puppy feels supported and that new experiences are part of a gradual introduction to the family. Gently introducing your puppy to all the places, smells, sounds, visual stimuli and sensations that make up your world is key. This means addressing just a few of these new experiences each day. Here is a list of items to consider as part of your education program:

New things can be scary

When was the last time you experienced something new? Do you remember how tired it made you feel? Above all, don’t underestimate how hard it is for baby puppies to be exposed to something new. Be gentle, give lots of positive feedback (tasty foods please, pats and praise don’t always cut the mustard) and listen to them when they are telling you they are worried (see video 4).

Bamboozled? Kalmpets is here to help. We have a specialist pup program that can help you give your puppy the best education, setting you and your puppy up for a bright behavioural future. Please contact reception on 08 9240 2228 or reception@kalmpets.com.

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