Secret Body Language

Even though they might not be able to speak English, dogs are able to speak to us through their body language! By decoding your own dog, you will be able to communicate with them better and keep them out of sticky situations!


Lots of people can recognise a growl or bite by a dog towards another dog or human, but did you know that our canine companions often show us a variety of signs before the growl? These signs are called “calming signals”, but are also known as “displacement behaviours” or “stress signs”. They are very similar to humans biting their nails, sucking their thumb, or twirling their hair.


Calming signals are used by dogs in a variety of different ways


The most common calming signals seen in dogs are:

As you can see, many of the behaviours can also be normal


See how many calming signals you can catch your dog doing today! Remember to always tell your dog that they are very good when they show you one, because you always want to ensure that they are communicating clearly with you! If you see them showing a lot of them in a particular scenario, you should try to move them out of it and back into a comfortable zone.

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