The best things in life are unexpected – dog behaviour wisdom

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations”    
Eli Khamarov

I will not dig,

I will not chew,

And where was that you want me to poo?

I will not bark,

I will not lick,

Each one of your boxes I will tick.

I will not jump,

I will not shed,

Of course I’m happy not sleeping on your bed.

I will not pull,

I will not disobey,

I’ll hang on every command you say!

I will not growl,

I will not fight,

I’ll tolerate everything and still will not bite!

I’ll keep myself busy all day,

Quietly sleeping in the backyard I’ll stay.

And when you come home I’ll calmly greet,

I promise I’ll stay on all 4 feet.

All of this I will be for you,

On one condition … you meet all my needs too!

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