The cat obesity epidemic: how to feed a cat part 2


The cat obesity epidemic part 1‘ discusses the reasons why the method of feeding your cat is instrumental in your cat’s health. Below are some simple solutions to turn this around giving a much-needed boost to your cat’s whole health.

First things first

Aim:   outlets for normal cat hunting and eating behaviours.

Food puzzles

First of all, food puzzles are objects to put cat food in that your cat must manipulate to release food. Feeding in this way has benefits including:

  1. Exercises and stimulates your cat’s brain, improving brain health and function;
  2. Furthermore, using food puzzles your cat will need to move burning more calories and combating obesity;
  3. Provides distraction and respite from daily stressors reducing stress levels.

While many types of food puzzles are available for cats commercially this is not your only option. Even more puzzles can be made from household objects. Discover another comprehensive catalogue of food puzzles at  food puzzles for cats

Frequency of feeding

The natural feeding behaviour of cats involves small frequent meals. Therefore, see if you can mimic this need by offering the daily food allowance in multiple small meals throughout the day/evening/night. Use elevated surfaces to hide small portions of food and remember to keep a close eye on weight to avoid over or under feeding.

How much to feed?

Energy requirements of a cat

Current weightkcal/kg/day

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