Your dogs friends on the inside

Feeding my dog Captains ‘friends on the inside’

Despite the confusing and sometimes exhausting pet nutrition messages, the science behind feeding whole, fresh and seasonal foods is clear. The foundation for your furry companions longer, healthier and happier life is simple and far more powerful than any supplement or tablet I can prescribe.

Your dog’s health journey begins with consideration for what I like to think of as your dogs own personal Lilliput, that fantastic community of little people that make up your dogs gut microbiome. The microbiome is a community of microscopic organisms (including viruses, bacteria and fungi) that live in or on your dog’s body. This population numbers in the trillions and are made up of microbes that are either friend on the inside or foe.

Edamame, packed full of Omega 3, calcium and vitamin C.

Your dog’s microbe ‘friends’ work tirelessly to boost immune health, protect them from infection, build brain chemicals and breakdown food. Think of the friendly population of microbes in your dogs gut as an organ whose health impacts every other function in your dog’s body. Keep this organ healthy and your dog will live longer, be happier and healthier.

Your dogs friendly microbes lay a simple deal on the table……feed them what they need and in return, they will look after your furry companion’s health. Pretty good deal right?………..So….what do they want?….they want whole fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables and good quality protein sources and they want you to stop being afraid to move away from feeding processed foods.

What issues are you
having with your pet?

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