How to give your dog a balanced day with brain exercises


Kalmpets top brain exercise ideas are below (***note: all toys have the potential to become a hazard if ingested, always monitor your dog to ensure they are not ingesting non-food items***)

Recycle your recyclables:

Treasure hunts:

Dog Slurpie:  fill empty ice-cream or yoghurt containers with dilute chicken or beef stock, add a few treats and/or toys then freeze. Deliver the frozen block from the container and let the slurping begin!

Let your dog follow their nose

A good belt-out run or aerobic activity helps to maintain physical health however the more you walk/run your dog the fitter they become and the more you have to walk/run your dog…… Daily exercise is important but Kalmpets challenges you to focus on content rather than distance when walking your dog. Dogs are ‘one big nose on four legs’ and they enjoy nothing better than a good sniffing session. Sniffing is energetically expensive leaving your dog both satisfied and exhausted.

Sniffing session tips:

Exercise tips:

At-home dogification

To download our pdf on brain exercises please go to the resources section of our website.

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